Building Great Connections | Graduate Spotlight

May 19, 2022
Jessica Grande

Ronit Rapoport of Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 6 at Nashville Software School -jpegBefore attending Nashville Software School (NSS), Ronit Rapoport of Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 6 was working in a small pediatric out-patient therapy clinic when she decided it was time for a change. “I had heard about Nashville Software School from my brother-in-law who had done the Web Development course,” she shares in her podcast. “I am so happy that I did [the Data analytics bootcamp at NSS], it’s been absolutely amazing…” 

What was your favorite part of your NSS experience?

“My favorite part of NSS was all the relationships that developed within the short time period. By the end of the bootcamp we were all one big team and now have great connections to use in the field.”

What was the topic of your capstone and how did you choose it?

“Compared Outcomes of births in hospitals versus freestanding birth centers in the US. I have always been interested in the lack of alternative birthing options in the United States and more specifically in Cleveland where I live. It also still shocks me at how the rate of maternal morbidity in the United States is so high and I was interested to see if there was a difference between birthing in a hospital versus a birth center.”

​​What advice would you give to current or incoming NSS Data students? 

“Don't be afraid to ask questions and get help! It's the best way to learn and that is what the amazing instructors are there for.”


Ronit is now a data analyst, motivated and passionate about investigating and resolving complex questions, ready to take her skill set to the next level in her first job in data! 

Connect with Ronit on her LinkedIn profile and listen to her podcast below to learn more about her capstone project and time at NSS! 

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