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Apr 22, 2020
Jessica Grande


MEET Jesie

Jesie Oldenburg first came to NSS in Web Development Cohort 24 where he learned front-end development and UX/UI. After some time as a freelance front-end developer and working as a teaching assistant for another web development bootcamp, Jesie returned “home” to learn back-end development. 

“Learning the overarching concepts of back-end development [as a teaching assistant] was what really just hooked me in,” he explains. “That’s when I decided to come back to Nashville Software School (NSS), to come home, and learn some Python.”

I always push the boundaries of what I know and challenge myself to grow as a designer and developer.”


Jesie shares that he chose to return to NSS and learn back-end development because of the “focused curriculum and the outstanding community.” As for his favorite part of being in Cohort 36, he says it was “getting back into group projects and collaborating with some outstanding developers.”

Cohort 36 had the unique experience of finishing their back-end capstone project remotely as NSS moved classes online during their final weeks because of the coronavirus. Jesie shares his experience working remotely was, at first, “a bit of a challenge, but I quickly fell into a good routine to accomplish my goals.” 

Capstone Projects

Since Jesie joined Cohort 36 for just the back-end portion, he shared his Cohort 24 front-end project: “DP Racing is a multiple page website redesign for a performance car shop focusing on updating page layouts and UI elements. It introduces an integrated administrative product console using CRUD and a flat data structure in Firebase to manipulate product data. The app leverages the Sass CSS preprocessor to maintain consistent styles, and DRY easily maintainable style sheets across the platform. DP Racing was built using jQuery and a modular, scalable code base.”

Komponent-Keeper is Jesie’s back-end capstone project. “[It] is an application built for UI designers and front-end developers to help minimize issues during design handoff. The app is built using the Python Django web framework and utilizes a SQL database to store images and code snippets and their associated data. The pages are rendered with the Django completing system with user-created data from the database. The app implements full CRUD functionality to allow users to interact with data and is styled using CSS3 for rapid, responsive and accessible design.”

HIRE jesie

Now a fully capable full stack developer, Jesie is ready to start a back-end or full stack position but would also consider a UI/UX role. To keep his coding skills sharp, he is currently designing a job tracking application with members of Cohort 36 and completing coding challenges while working on his UI design skills. 

“I constantly strive to improve my skills and realize that there is no ceiling to my knowledge. I will never use a progress bar to measure my skills, as I can always be improving my craft.” 

Learn more about Jesie and his full-stack development skills by visiting his website or listening to his podcast

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