What We're Thankful For: 2020 Edition

Nov 30, 2020
Mandy Arola

Tomorrow is GivingTuesday and all month long we’ve been sharing on social media what we’re thankful for during a year like no other. As we close out November, we’re revisiting the gratitude.  

  1. We’re thankful for our alumni. Watching them grow and cheering them on in their new career is a constant reminder to us of why we do what we do, and we are grateful for all the ways they pay it forward. Whether it's sharing their NSS experience with friends and family (alumni are our #1 recruiter) or volunteering at Common Tables, info sessions, round tables, mentoring, mock interviews, or now, giving, the alumni are the heart of NSS.
  2. We’re thankful for the Nashville tech community. From monthly meetups to annual conferences, the grassroots community nurtures and supports local tech talent. With the pandemic, several of these groups have shifted online to keep their community connected. We’re grateful for all those who volunteer at meetups and conferences, the organizations who host and sponsor these groups. We can’t wait until we can gather in-person again!
  3. We’re thankful for all the hiring managers and companies that have supported NSS graduates and students. When NSS launched in 2012, we didn’t know how many companies would hire our graduates. Eight and a half years laters, over 300 local companies have hired our graduates and we had a 90% placement rate in 2019. In addition to hiring our graduates, members of the Nashville tech community give their time to participate in roundtables, mock interviews, speak to our classes, and mentor our students and graduates. With every event, we are overwhelmed with appreciation for their support!
  4. We’re thankful for the resiliency of our 2020 students. This is an intensive program and the degree of difficulty only went up when we moved online. And it’s not just about remote learning, this year’s students also dealt with quarantines, kids learning at home, supporting other family members, and more. We have nothing but the utmost respect for these students and what they’ve accomplished this year - managing their classwork, coping with life outside of class, pursuing their first job in tech in a tougher job market than anyone expected at the beginning of the year, and still succeeding. We are so proud of them!
  5. And finally, we’re thankful for the NSS staff. No one was prepared for the obstacles 2020 threw our way, but the instructors and staff rose to the occasion and pivoted everything we do to a virtual environment in a matter of days. And every student that was in session in March or started in April or May, took the journey with us. Together, we’ve learned and accomplished a lot this year.

Now that we’re back from a much needed break for Thanksgiving, it’s time to get back to the work we’re all so passionate about...providing opportunities for adults to start new careers in tech. And we need your help.

We have recently expanded our support for our Seekers by growing our career development and employer engagement team, developing a new Fellowship Program, and offering professional development classes to Seekers for free. We also hope to increase the number of scholarships we can offer prospective students impacted by the pandemic. Your financial support will help us keep these initiatives going strong and help us Mind The Gap. Join us tomorrow for GivingTuesday!


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