Do You Need A Ph.D. To Become A Data Scientist?

Apr 18, 2019
Mandy Arola


In an article titled Why Does A PhD Hurt You?, Lindsey Morris, Director of Data Science & Analytics at axialHealthcare and supporter of Nashville Software School (NSS), looked at the skills acquired when working toward a Ph.D. degree that are valuable for data scientists and those skills that post-docs may not have had an opportunity to acquire.

Read her article on Analytics Insight to find out what skills post-docs can leverage and where they need to grow to be successful in data science and how data science talent -- with and without a Ph.D. -- can add value to your company.

Interested in beginning a career in Data Science? Our Data Science Bootcamp is open to students of all educational backgrounds. Students are expected to demonstrate prior training in and/or experience applying the math skills relevant to data science. In particular we look for students with training in statistics/probability. This prior knowledge can be gained through college classes, research project experience gained as a graduate student or post-doc, and/or work experience.

For more information on our Data Science and Analytics programs, from pre-requisites to curriculum to tuition to career options, please attend an NSS Analytics + Data Science Info Session. Visit Eventbrite to register for the next session.

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