Software Development Jobs in Middle Tennessee: Report Release & Panel Discussion (Live Podcast)

Sep 30, 2019
Mandy Arola

In August, Dr. Amy Harris presented the “2019 Software Developers in Middle Tennessee” report at Nashville Software School’s open house. If you missed the event or wished you could go back and hear it again, now you can! You can catch the full recording below.

The 2019 Software Developers in Middle Tennessee report focuses on the growth of software developer jobs in Middle Tennessee. A panel discussion on the topic followed with,

  • Amy Henderson, President & COO, Nashville Software School
  • Chris Spintzyk, Sr. Associate, Direct Placement, Vaco
  • Karen Williams, CEO/Diversity Recruiter, MinTech
  • Rob Wilson, AVP, Keller Schroeder

The panel shared their thoughts on the demand and supply for software developers in Nashville, how all the education option in Nashville fit together, and how businesses can help grow the talent pipeline.

You can download the full report at

Report Highlights

You can view Dr. Amy Harris's slides from the presentation here.

0:00 John Wark, Nashville Software School, Welcome and opening of NSS's new location

4:32 Amy Harris Introduction to the Software Developer Report

10:32 A Look At The Numbers: Job Postings

15:26 Monthly Job Postings Trends

17:39 Postings by Company

23:13 Key Findings: Top Occupation, Top Job Title, and Top Hard Skill

25:42 Thank you's

Panel Highlights

27:46 Panelist Introductions

31:44 Were there any surprises to you in the software development report? How did the results align with what you're seeing in your respective organizations?

38:37 The Story of MinTech and the key issues Karen faces every day.

41:16 What does the software development talent market look like today?

44:28 What can we do differently to get more software development talent in our pipeline?

53:29 How do all of the local education options fit together to produce the software development talent that our community needs?

56:30 The importance of joining the Nashville community and how to ramp up your company's software development talent in Nashville.

1:00:14 What do you see when you imagine the Nashville software development landscape 5 years from now?

1:06:49 Q&A with the audience.

Topics: Hiring?, Community, Web Development