Open House Date Change - NOW Thursday, 29 August

Aug 13, 2019
John Wark

The Great HVAC Debacle Strikes Again!

We hate, hate, hate to do this, but we’re delaying our Open House and the associated release of the Software Developer Report two weeks until Thursday, August 29. The main air conditioning system in our building has been down for a week now and the building clearly will not be habitable tomorrow (temperature as of 1pm today on our floor was 99 degrees, the humidity level was “swamp”). Repairs are reportedly underway but it’s likely to be at least another couple of days before we’re back in our space. 

Our students have been great in working with us as we’ve moved them around to loaner classrooms - thanks for a great bunch of really resilient students. We managed to graduate two cohorts of students last Friday in borrowed space and we launched two cohorts of students yesterday in that same borrowed space. Our ongoing students have also soldiered on despite their nomadic existence. 

Luckily, we’ve been blessed with support from some of our friends in the community that have donated classroom space. Trevecca Nazarene University has graciously loaned us two classrooms on Monday and Tuesday of this week and it looks like we’ll be using them again tomorrow. Our former building mates at the Nashville Technology Council have loaned us one or two rooms (everything they didn’t already have reserved) every day since Sweatpocalype (we’ve got several labels for the past week!) started and we’ll be using some of their rooms the next couple of days as well. We can’t thank Trevecca and the NTC enough for their generosity and support. 

We’ll keep posting updates on our situation until we get back into the air-conditioned comfort of 301 Plus Park. Hope to see you all soon at our Open House!


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