Update On our new Facility

Apr 3, 2019
John Wark

Construction schedule changes push move to late May

We let you know a few months ago that we were moving to a new facility in 2019. Ever since, we’ve been getting asked when the move is happening so we thought it made sense to give y’all an update on the planned move to 301 Plus Park Blvd.

BTim-the-tool-manased on the current construction schedule it appears that we will move into the new facility sometime between the middle and the end of May. Work is being done on our new classrooms and offices but it’s still early enough in the process that the schedule is subject to additional changes (and we all know that any changes are almost certainly going to be delays, not improvements - just like a software project). But we do have a good enough view into the project at this point that we felt confident in the ballpark estimate and didn’t want to keep that from you.

Lots more news to come as we get closer to our move. And we’ll schedule some events once we get in the new space so that our alumni and the community can come and check out how we’re growing!

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