Cohort 25 Wraps Up With A Successful Demo Day

Sep 26, 2018
Mandy Arola

IMG_4150 (1)-1Thank you to everyone who came out to Cohort 25's Demo Day last week! It was an early morning for our graduates, so we brought in good coffee and a hot breakfast. It didn't take long for employers to arrive and start meeting with our grads.

Our full stack Python web developers spent six months learning front-end and server-side development. Here’s what they learned:

  • Front-end development using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, React, and lots of other tools, APIs, libraries and frameworks
  • Server-side development with Python/Django, including test-driven development, SQL in a full agile, mock-company environment

To learn more about the graduates and their capstones, visit their class website to find links to their GitHub, Linkedin, and personal websites:

_1MA7710_smThroughout the day, our graduates also met with NSS friend and podcaster, Clark Buckner, to talk about their time at NSS and the capstone projects they built. You can listen to their interviews below.

After a busy morning, the graduates gathered for final words of encouragement from their instructor Joe Shepherd and founder John Wark.

See photos from Demo Day in our photo gallery.

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