Cohort 22 Wraps Up Six Months With A Busy Demo Day

Mar 27, 2018
Mandy Arola

Demo Day Cohort 22On Friday we graduated our latest class of full stack C#/.NET developers. With over 65 hiring managers, in-house recruiters, developers, and alumni stopping by, our graduates showcased their capstones for four hours non-stop.

Demo Day was the culmination of six-months of learning for Cohort 22. Here is a snapshot of what they learned:

  • Front-end development using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and AngularJS, along with lots of other tools including APIs, libraries, and frameworks
  • Server-side development with C#/.NET, including test-driven development, and SQL in a full agile, mock-company environment

To learn more about the graduates and their capstone projects, visit their class website:

You can also listen to their podcasts below to learn more about their time at NSS.

Demo Day Cohort 22After the final hiring manager left, Cohort 22 gathered for their graduation “ceremony.” While cap and gown were not a part of the attire, smiles were abundant as they celebrated the beginning of their careers as software developers.

THANK YOU to all who attended Demo Day last week! We’re grateful to those who came for the first time (or the tenth time) and to the alumni who brought others from their company to meet Cohort 22.

See more pictures from Demo Day in our photo gallery.

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