Take A Risk... Start A New Career | Bryan Duplantis - Cohort 9

Jan 15, 2018
Mandy Arola

We’re catching up with some of our alumni and they’re sharing advice for our students and recent graduates.

Bryan Duplantis, software developer

Bryan Duplantis had a long career in the television industry before he decided to give software development a try. He was ready to get out of Los Angeles and knew he’d have to find a new career if he moved to Nashville. Not afraid to take risks, Bryan moved across the country and joined Cohort 9.Prior to bootcamp, he had no knowledge about software development and no understanding of the work that goes into building a website. Since graduating, Bryan has worked for two healthcare companies where he has learned how to work as a team to push out code and solve problems. He’s also learned more about SQL, debugging, and worked with Elixir and React.

He landed his first development gig after meeting the hiring manager at demo day. After shifting his focus from development to a technical business analyst role, he spotted a job opening that had been posted on Linkedin by a fellow NSS grad. He was hired two days after his interview! Most job searches are not as fast as Bryan’s, but it’s fun when our grads have quick success in their job search. It’s also motivating for their fellow classmates.

Bryan is currently a technical BA (business analyst) / IT support manager. Outside of work, he continues to learn through reading books on IT management and online tutorials.

Bryan’s advice for recent grads?

Network, network, network. Be open-minded about the first job you take, try not to be too picky.

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