Cohort 19 Graduates 27 Students On Demo Day

Sep 25, 2017
Mandy Arola

With each new cohort, lead instructor Steve Brownlee finds a way to push students harder and further than the cohort before them. And each time, that new cohort rises to the occasion. Cohort 19 was no exception!

As I said goodbye to my 10th cohort of students Friday, I found myself still fighting back the tears. After spending 3-6 months getting to know these amazing people, I have to say farewell and watch them move on to become professionals. 

I wish I could spend more time with them. Teach them a little more. Learn more about them as individuals, but it is not meant to be. 

The students in cohort 19 were both fun, and challenging, to lead through the course. They asked tough questions, they made new mistakes I'd never seen before, but they remained positive throughout the entire process. In the end, they produced the highest quality final projects that I've ever seen from a cohort. - Steve Brownlee

NSS Cohort 19 Demo Day

These 27 graduates spent 5 days a week for six months pursuing a career in software development (and that doesn’t count the time spent outside of class). Here is what they learned:

  • Front-end development using HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, and lots of other tools, APIs, libraries, and frameworks
  • Server-side development with C#/.NET, including test-driven development, SQL, and more, in a full agile, mock-company environment

These students know how to learn development. When learning a new technology or tool, they know how to use the resources available and when to ask questions. Many of the capstone projects presented on Friday featured technologies that were outside of the core curriculum - like Xamarin, component-based front-end frameworks, and various notable APIs (e.g., IBM’s Watson).

Capstone projects included PixelPlacer - modify uploaded video using chroma keying effects for green screen, YFinder - an app for students and professionals to find and rate their favorite hotspots to work and study, and DesignDirect - a resource for users to find inspiration for home design, and find professionals to make their vision come to life.

To learn more about their capstones, visit their class website to find links to the students’ GitHub, Linkedin, and personal websites:

Throughout the day graduates had the chance to talk with our friend Clark Buckner about their experience at NSS and their capstones. You can listen to their interviews below.

After a busy day, Cohort 19 gathered for their final “John Talk” where John reminded them that NSS’s work is not done until they find their first job in software development. We can’t wait to see where they go and the impact they make on the Nashville community.

See our photos from Demo Day in our photo gallery.

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