Total Eclipse | Understanding JavaScript Functions

Aug 29, 2017
Mandy Arola

It was the weekend before the total solar eclipse and over 70 NSS alumni and students gathered at the school for the alumni’s first hackathon. One of the 12 apps built that weekend is called Total Eclipse and teaches JavaScript functions. Alumnus Chris Jarvis was a part of the team that built it and blogged about his experience and what he learned.

Here’s an excerpt:

Over the weekend Nashville Software School held it first annual school Hackathon. The purpose of the hackathon was for current students and alumni to meet, mix, and build projects. It was helpful to for new students to see how a hackathon works and for the former students to give back to the school.

The teams were built to include a mix of skill levels and created so no one from the same cohort would work together.

To kick off the event, everyone gathered in the Hackery, the large open space on campus. We we given a brief introduction and then challenged to build.

Our team went to our assigned location and began brainstorming on what to build. Greg, our team lead asked “What would have helped you early on, what did you have trouble with?” We came up with list of problems areas and decided to focus on JavaScript functions, cause if you don’t understand functions it will be hard to code.

Read the rest of Chris’s post on his blog.

Team Total Eclipse

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