Nashville Software School Announces Data Science & Data Engineering Bootcamp

Aug 11, 2016
John Wark
NSS Announces Major New Data Science Program Coming in 2017

Today we’re announcing our Data Analytics & Data Engineering Bootcamp, a new training program that NSS will roll out in 2017. Dramatic growth in analytics applications and the increased use of data science tools across industries, especially in Nashville’s major industry of healthcare, has led to significant unmet demand for professionals trained in modern tools, techniques, and methods.

Our discussions with local practitioners in analytics, data science, and large-scale data engineering have indicated that a focused, intensive vocational program will help satisfy the burgeoning need for data science and data engineering professionals. The Data Analytics & Data Engineering Bootcamp will also tap into a new pool of talent by providing additional opportunities for individuals with deep academic and/or professional training in statistics, research methods, basic programming, and other foundational knowledge relevant to data science.

There are similar data science programs in the U.S., but most are concentrated in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area and New York City. We are excited to be the first to bring this type of training to the mid-South.

We’ll provide more information about the Data Analytics & Data Engineering Bootcamp in early October. For now, we present the full press release for the new program immediately below.

First program of its type in the Southeast

Nashville, TN: At today’s Nashville Analytics Summit, Nashville Software School (NSS) announced a new, intensive vocational training program in data analytics. The new Data Analytics & Data Engineering Bootcamp will provide intensive career training in the rapidly growing field of data analytics. The course will emphasize learning-­by-­doing through projects based on real-­world data science problems. The program offers all students a core curriculum in analytics, programming, and data management and then the opportunity to specialize in either Data Science or in Data Engineering.

NSS is working with an advisory board of local experts in data science and data engineering to design, develop, and refine our curriculum for this program. These experts are also helping to design meaningful learning projects. This is the same approach to community needs-­driven curriculum development that NSS used in the creation of its successful Web Developer Bootcamp.

John Wark, NSS Founder and President, explained, “This new program is the result of conversations with organizations from Nashville’s healthcare IT and start­up communities, analytics/data science specialists, and companies in other industries like entertainment and financial services. We find organizations across industries are increasingly focused on leveraging ever larger pools of data in order to make better informed business and research decisions. We’re developing our curriculum for this program based on both national and local technology usage trends and workforce needs.”

NSS will begin accepting applications for this new program during the first week of October. A detailed syllabus for the program will be available at that same time. The first class in this program will start on April 3, 2017.

Prospective students interested in specializing in Data Science should have a strong academic background in statistics and research as well as some experience in programming. Successful applicants will likely have a Masters or PhD in a quantitative research discipline or offsetting professional experience in a quantitative field.

Prospective students interested in specializing in Data Engineering should have one to two years of software development experience and an academic background in computer science, statistics, and/or another quantitative/analytic field of study. Applicants should have experience with Linux, Git/Github, SQL, and object-­oriented programming in a modern language.

About Nashville Software School

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