Our First Python & Django Bootcamp

May 5, 2016
John Wark

We are pleased to announce Python & Django as a new server-side technology option in our full-time Web Developer Bootcamp. Full-time cohort 13, which launched on April 4, 2016, will be our first class to learn the Python language, the Django MVC framework and other supporting Python technologies.

Python is a general purpose programming language with wide application. Python is a great first language for those just learning to be software engineers; in fact, by some measures it is now the most commonly used language in teaching computer science concepts. However, it also is sufficiently robust and flexible as a language and possesses enough mature infrastructure in terms of libraries, frameworks and other resources to allow widespread use in web development, data science, and several other problem domains.

We have slotted Python into our server-side technology rotation where we would historically have offered Ruby on Rails as the server-side technology. We have graduated quite a number of Ruby on Rails classes and we felt it was time to look at Python as another technology option for the full-time bootcamp. We plan to continue offering Ruby on Rails as well as Python & Django.

The May cohort is full at this point in time. The exact future class schedule for Python & Django classes is not set at this time so watch our website and blog for future announcements.

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