NSS Adds Laura Buchanan To Lead Operations Team

Mar 16, 2016
John Wark

We are pleased to announce another new team member at Nashville Software School. Laura Buchanan has joined NSS as Director of Operations.

Laura has spent most of her 15 year career working with non-profit community organizations such as NSS. She has a soft spot for grassroots organizations and has great experience growing such organizations and increasing their impact on communities. With particular focus on women in non-traditional occupations, workers with disabilities and veterans entering civilian professions, Laura is a strong advocate promoting inclusion and the value of diversity in the workplace.

“I was excited to join the NSS team because of its mission and reputation in Nashville. Now that I have begun my work here, I am delighted to see that mission come to life everyday in the journey of our students.”

Laura will be responsible for a wide range of operational functions at NSS, including the admissions process, accounting and collections, regulatory compliance, human resources, facilities, job placement support, etc.

Prior to joining NSS, Laura served as an Executive Director, Statewide Project Director and consulted with educational institutions and a multitude of other community service organizations. Most recently, Laura was helping to start a Nashville-based tech training organization. Her educational background includes a BS in Psychology and an MBA along with two professional certifications in human resources management.

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