NSS Hires Tech Industry Veteran For Business Development

Mar 7, 2016
John Wark

We at Nashville Software School are excited to announce that Kristin McKinney, co-founder of the Nashville Girl Geek Dinner, has joined our team and will lead our efforts to partner with local employers.

There are more than 70 companies in Middle Tennessee that have hired NSS graduates since we opened in 2012. Some of those companies have become NSS Employer Partners which allows them to hire our graduates while helping reimburse some or all of the graduate’s tuition expense. Kristin’s role will be to grow the number of employers hiring NSS graduates, increase the number of Employer Partners, and strengthen the relationships with current partner companies.

“It has been so inspiring to see the real impact the school has had in our technical community since opening,” she said. “I have had the pleasure of knowing so many of the graduates and have witnessed their journeys from being in the school, to securing their first software development job, to other graduates who have moved on to their second or third positions and becoming leaders on their teams. To be a part of sharing the amazing success stories of the graduates, as well as the amazing work being done by entire team, from instructors to support staff, is an absolute honor.”

Of course, we’re honored as well. Kristin has worked with a diverse portfolio of clients for more than 20 years, but she has purposely focused on partnering with innovative start-ups an emerging software and technology companies.

In 2013, she and NSS alumna Rachel Werner co-founded Nashville Girl Geek Dinner, a networking organization focused on bringing awareness, education and inspiration to young women who aspire and/or work in the field of technology.

We’re glad to have her on our team. Wish her luck and congratulate her on Twitter.

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