Introducing iOS Development Course

Dec 10, 2014
John Wark

Beginning in January, we will offer an iOS Development class as the first installment in the new Professional Development Series aimed at those who are already working as software developers.

Our goal with the Professional Development Series is to engage highly skilled working professionals in Nashville to share their knowledge and experience with the rest of the Nashville technical community. iOS development is a great first class to kick off our series – almost all developers need to learn to build and deploy mobile apps, Apple has just launched their new Swift programming language for iOS, and with Jamin Guy and Van Simmons we have the opportunity to work with two of the most knowledgeable and experienced developers on the Apple platform anywhere, not just in Nashville.

By offering the course locally, we can keep the price point on this course thousands of dollars lower than the higher tuition costs in other cities, not to mention the cost of travel associated with going out-of-town. An individual developer can afford to invest in their own training as well as making the price attractive for local employers as an investment in their staff.

Learn more about the iOS Development course.

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