New Tuition Option - Out-Of-Area Students Now Welcome!

Oct 31, 2013
John Wark

We have introduced a new tuition option at Nashville Software School. For the first time, students have the option to fully pay in advance for our Web Developer Bootcamp. We have noticed significant demand from outside the Nashville area to attend our bootcamp; however, our original tuition option was tailored for local residents only. We have also had requests from local residents to attend the program so that they could gain the skills required to work on their own projects, launch a startup, or otherwise learn to code for reasons other than graduating and going to work as a software developer.

Our new tuition option allows us to accept out-of-town students and those who wish to keep their options flexible as to the type of work and location after graduation from Nashville Software School. We had to reject almost 25% of our last round of applicants for these reasons (47 out of 200 applicants) and now we have an enrollment option that will satisfy the needs of this group.

So for those of you who are shopping for a coding bootcamp and comparing programs in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and elsewhere, we invite you to check out Nashville as well. Our six month program is priced at a similar level to the 10 to 12 week programs elsewhere yet offers greater depth and breadth of coverage and more time to learn and practice your craft.

Our original tuition option, which provided for students to pay a small portion of tuition in advance in exchange for a promise to repay the school after graduation is still available for those who live in Nashville or who have strong local connections and wish to live and work locally after graduation.

We do not yet have a loan option available for our new tuition program. We are working on such an option but don’t have a timeframe yet within which something will become available.

You can see the details of both tuition options on both the Program and Apply pages on our website. If you have additional questions about either of our tuition options, please use the form on the Contact page to send us your question.

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