Now Taking Applications - January And April 2014 Bootcamps

Oct 29, 2013
John Wark

We have opened applications for two new Web Developer Bootcamps, one starting January 2014 and one starting April 2014. We plan to continue to start Bootcamps every 3 months, which means that we will have 2 active six-month programs running at any given point in time and that we will be graduating new developers every 3 months.

The January Bootcamp start date is only a little over 2 months away so we’ll be running a very fast admissions cycle for this Bootcamp. We have 30 or so applicants from the September class that have indicated an interest in re-applying but we’re definitely looking for new applicants. We will hold admissions to both the January and April sessions to 25 students.

Also, note that we now have 2 tuition options. These are explained on both the Program and Apply pages of our site. The first tuition option is the same $1000 up-front with the remainder paid to the school after graduation either by the employer or the graduate after they have started working as a developer. The first tuition option is available only to Nashville/Middle Tennessee residents, former residents or those with some strong connection to the region.

The second tuition option is new and provides for students a way to pay their full tuition in advance. We created this tuition option to accommodate a couple of different types of students. The first category of students we are now able to accept are students from outside the Nashville area who may be comparing multiple programming bootcamps and who are attracted to our six-month program. The second category are those who plan to graduate from our program and work on their own software or startup and who don’t plan to go into the general developer population in Nashville. We’ve had quite a bit of demand for this option and have decided to make it available in 2014.

We will reserve at least 12 seats (half) in each Bootcamp for local students accepted under our $1000 up-front tuition option. The other seats are available for either locals or out-of-towners under the second tuition option.