Evening Program update

Jun 13, 2013
John Wark

As many of you know we have been planning to launch an evening program. Our hope was to launch this summer but that proved to be a bit optimistic. We do continue to actively work on plans for the evening program. At this point in time, the launch of the evening program is tied to our plans to open our own classrooms. And that plan is still coming together.

We are in active discussion of a specific location for our own classrooms. We have a proposed lease and we’re working on designing the layout of the facility. We would very much like to launch classes this fall (September or October) but until we finalize our facility plan and get a timeline from the developer that we feel comfortable with we don’t feel we can announce our plans or start processing applications for the first classes. Sorry to keep stringing those of you interested in night classes along but keep watching the website and we’ll announce our plans as soon as we can.