Career Development Services at Nashville Software School

Mar 20, 2024
Jessica Grande

How NSS’ Career Development prepares students for a job search post-graduation

From mock interviews, to resume talks and Demo Day scheduling, there’s no shortage of opportunities for our students to gain the skills necessary to their job search after graduation.! In the latest episode of Stories from the Hackery, NSS’s Career Development Team Lead, Ashley Canino, and Career Development Specialist, Michael Frieh, talk about how they work with every student at NSS to prepare them for their job search post-graduation! 

Michael Frieh serves NSS students by providing personalized support throughout their job search. Michael began his career in technical recruiting with a large staffing firm in Nashville. In his time as a recruiter, he worked closely with many NSS graduates and developed a passion for coaching candidates through all stages of the interview process. He loves building upon this passion through his work with NSS’s students and graduates. Michael now calls Chattanooga home, where he resides with his partner and cat - he will always be open to seeing pictures of your fur babies! He is a graduate of Illinois State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Organizational and Leadership Communication with honors.

Ashley Canino helps current students plan their careers and provide personalized support for their job search. She came to NSS with technical recruiting experience in both corporate organizations and staffing agencies in the Nashville area. She was introduced to NSS during her time as a recruiter at Parallon HCA and placed several of our graduates. From there she fell in love with our mission!

0:00 Intro

1:37 Career Development Services Overview 

1:48 What to expect from Career Development 

8:32 Meet the community at Round Table Events Overview 

10:25 Preparing with Mock Interviews

14:25 Present your project at Demo Day

17:06 Outro 

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