Life-Long Learning | Graduate Spotlight

Jul 5, 2022
Jessica Grande

Conrad Reihsmann of Data Science Cohort 5 at Nashville Software SchoolThroughout his academic career, Conrad Reihsmann collected data and conducted qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Conrad describes himself as “a life-long learner” and shares that he decided to apply to Nashville Software School (NSS) last year to expand his job opportunities outside of academia. 

I am looking forward to building my career in tech as a computational linguist/NLP data scientist.

What was your favorite part of your NSS experience?

“The support from both teachers and other students and total lack of judgment [when you didn’t understand something].” 

What was the topic of your capstone and how did you choose it?

“My capstone was inspired by a project within the research lab I work in and the difficulties we have been encountering. A large aspect of the project is centered around image analysis using a suite of analysis tools called HALO using the data it outputs. Unfortunately, the primary format for the data is .csv. This, combined with the size of the images, resulted in .csv files only accessible by those with coding experience. While it is becoming more common for researchers to have this background, the majority do not. With these problems in mind, I focused on creating an app that would not only generate many of the commonly desired plots and data tables, but also be flexible enough to be useful for projects and uses outside my own.

Possibly my favorite aspect of working on this project was trying to work out the puzzle of how to make the app both updatable and specific to each uploaded dataset while still allowing the user to pick and choose what to focus on. The project also reinforced the importance of a good user interface and to stay consistent with a theme to make plots easily understandable to an end user. ”

​​What advice would you give to current or incoming NSS Data students? 

“You'll never completely stop feeling lost, but eventually you'll feel confident in being lost.” 


Now that Conrad has graduated from Part-time Data Science Cohort 5, he’s on the search for his first job out of bootcamp! Learn more about Conrad when you listen to his podcast below or by connecting with him on LinkedIn

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