Discovering A Love For Data In Back-end Development | Graduate Spotlight

Dec 1, 2021
Jessica Grande

Peter Racine Jr. of Full-time Web Development Cohort 49 at Nashville Software SchoolPeter Racine Jr. spent the last 15 years of his professional career as the general manager of two popular restaurants while in a band full-time before he decided it was time for a change in direction and discovered Nashville Software School (NSS). “I have a deep passion for creating relationships and treating people with integrity and respect,” he shares. “I hope to continue to be a leader in my new field. Software development, here I come!” 

What was your favorite part of your NSS experience?

“NSS was a beacon of light for me as I neared the end of my 15 year long career as a restaurant manager. I loved what I was doing but knew that it was time for me to move on. I have always loved new tech and how it works so after having NSS recommended to me by a handful of close friends and colleagues I decided I'd throw my name in the hat. The moment I got accepted I had this rush of relief, excitement and determination to put my all into what I had been told and already understood was a life changing opportunity. I'm so glad I attended NSS's 6 month [full-stack] C# bootcamp and am so happy with my new career path and life. Thank you to everyone who has helped create such a life changing program at NSS.”

What was your favorite capstone project and what about it made it your favorite?

“My full-stack capstone, Vibe Check, was definitely my favorite of the two. Although I very much enjoyed my front-end capstone I just really felt challenged and proud of how far I came after working on the back-end capstone. Vibe Check is a social networking app that allows musicians to easily track their connections in the industry. It was something that was inspired by my experience in the industry and the lack of availability of a tool to make tracking connections simple and concise. The process of tying the back-end and front-end together to provide users with the ability to view the data that they desired in a simple and aesthetically pleasing way was super fun. I love data manipulation and tinkering with SQL Server and C# made handling the data I needed incredibly enjoyable.”

What advice would you give to current or incoming NSS Web Development students? 

“In your first week or two at NSS you are going to hear over and over to take breaks, get good sleep, plan and a few other go-to recommendations. What I reflected on the most towards the end of my time at NSS and what I wish I did more of was to slow down and dive into docs more often in order to deepen my understanding of every topic. I often felt like I was behind (although I wasn't) because NSS is very fast paced. I would recommend to any new student to take a breath, know that you are where you should be, and take the time to really dive into the important topics so that your understanding of them is solid and fluent.”


Since graduating from C49, Peter has been on the hunt for his first job as a web developer! Learn more about Peter and his capstone projects and time at NSS in his podcast below. Connect with Peter when you visit his LinkedIn profile

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