Skills & Confidence for the World of Data Analytics | Heather Sopel, Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 2

Oct 19, 2021
Jessica Grande

We’re catching up with some of our alumni and sharing their advice for our students and recent graduates.

Heather Sopel was a Theatre Stage Manager before she made the switch to data analytics at Nashville Software School (NSS). Now she works as a BI Developer/Data Analyst for a local corporation in Nashville, TN. She speaks highly of her time in Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 2 at NSS and how she was able to turn the idea of switching careers into a reality in a relatively short time frame. 

I gained the skills and confidence I needed to dive into the world of data without drowning. The bootcamp exposed me to a variety of tools and technologies used in the field today and helped me identify which parts of the data process I enjoy most.


Since beginning her first job in data analytics, Heather has enjoyed “learning more about the capabilities of data visualization tools, like Tableau, and how dashboards can be shared across the company to help inform decisions.” She’s also picked up a few new technologies along the way, such as some SAP applications and Snowflake. 

She encourages graduates to not stop their learning journey after they graduate and to continue seeking ways to better themselves especially during their job search! “There's always new technologies and programs to learn and you never know what opportunities they could open,” she states. 


The long list of meetups and networking events happening in Nashville week to week can be pretty overwhelming, but Heather found that if you pick just one meetup a month to attend, it makes it less intimidating! She also shares that virtual networking is a great way for introverts to make a few connections without getting overwhelmed! “Remote networking events are easier to sneak out of for introverts like me and are a great way to hear about what other companies are doing.” 


In her free time, Heather has  been participating in the weekly Makeover Monday data visualization challenges to continue growing her Tableau skills and as a creative outlet. “I've also been attending NashTUG to meet other people in the community using Tableau and learn from the interesting speakers they bring in,” she explains. “At the last event I won Tableau trivia and a $50 Tableau gift card!” You can check out meeting times and schedules for the NashTUG meeting here


Heather shares that she’s excited to return to the virtual classroom at NSS this fall to host the Power BI and Tableau workshops offered to current data students. “Learning these tools was my favorite part of the bootcamp and I love that I'm able to continue being involved with NSS in this way.” 

Thanks for the update, Heather! We enjoy getting to follow along your career in data and cheer you on! 

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