No Effort Is Wasted | Graduate Spotlight

Jul 6, 2021
Jessica Grande

Oluchi Randolph of Data Science Cohort 4 at Nashville Software SchoolOluchi Randolph of Data Science Cohort 4 is a “researcher by nature,” and now, also a data scientist by training! She’s passionate about better understanding how people see themselves, others and the opportunities and challenges that influence their decision making. “As much as I love research and data, I can't stand the idea of not translating valuable insights into action,” she shares. “This desire to use research to learn and act on what we learn fueled my interest in data science.” Now graduated, Oluchi is excited about opportunities to blend data science and design-thinking methods to enhance collaborative problem-solving processes and data-driven decision-making! 

Why did you choose to attend NSS?

“I wanted an opportunity to gain hands-on experience using tools like SQL, Python and R to solve business problems. I’m grateful that NSS provided me with a supportive and challenging environment to do just that.”

How did you choose the topic for your capstone project?

“I [was] curious about how people see the world and how that influences their choices and experiences.”

What advice would you give to future NSS data science students?

“Even when things get frustrating or feel like they’re too much, do the best you can. Trust the process. No effort is wasted.”


Oluchi is on the search for her first job in data science! Listen to Oluchi's podcast to hear about her NSS experience and capstone projects. Connect with Oluchi by visiting her LinkedIn profile. 

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