Try Everything | Graduate Spotlight

Jun 16, 2021
Jessica Grande

Barry Shovlin of Full-time Web Development Cohort 45After trying his hand in the music industry (and a few others), Barry Shovlin decided to take the leap into a career path that met his need for intellectual stimulation, continuous learning, and sincere enjoyment. “Coding started as a hobby after my first son was born (late night baby shifts),” he shares, “Which ultimately led to the best professional decision of my life: studying software development full-time at Nashville Software School.” 

What was your favorite capstone project and why?

“[My] final capstone, ‘Here To Help’ because the challenge of building a functioning full-stack app in such a short amount of time was so much fun.”

What advice would you give to current or incoming NSS Web Development students?

“No code you write at NSS is going to launch the nukes. Try everything. Every idea, every time you think “what if?” Break everything and rebuild over and over. I’ve learned more doing that than getting lucky on the first try. NSS is your test lab, so take advantage of that and make it fun.”

What was your favorite part of your NSS experience?

“The bonding experience with my cohort. Old, young, CEOs, and minimum wage employees were all brought to the same level and the mutual respect and cohesion that formed, led to lifelong friendships [that] feel more like family than professional connections.“


Since graduating from Full-time Web Development Cohort 45, Barry is excited to find his first job in tech! Listen to Barry's podcast to hear about his NSS experience and his capstone projects

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