Moving Parts Come Together | Graduate Spotlight

Jun 9, 2021
Jessica Grande

Ron Howie of Web Development Cohort 45 at Nashville Software SchoolAfter a stint in film and television production and twelve years in the hospitality industry, Ron Howie of Web Development Cohort 45 decided to take his lifelong interest in technology and make the leap into software development. 

“With a focus on others, teamwork, hospitality, and an eagerness to learn, I hope to do some good in the world with the power of programming.” 

What was your favorite capstone project and why?

Move it-Move it was my favorite to work on. It came down to the wire and was definitely stressful to code a full stack application in 10 days. The reward was seeing all of those moving parts come together between the back-end and front-end.”

What advice would you give to current or incoming NSS Web Development students?

“Step one is to believe in yourself. You set out to do something that your instructors will tell you is hard. They aren’t lying to you. It is hard, but you will have the help you need along the way. When deciding on capstone projects, make sure you pick something you feel at least an ounce of passion about, you will need the motivation. Use your resources, but don’t be afraid to ask for help from your peers and instructors. Everyone wants to see you succeed.“

What was your favorite part of your NSS experience?

“The instruction team that I had gave me not only the support I needed to grow as a developer but also as a person. Andy Collins in particular took an interest in me that most teachers in my life never had. My time at NSS might not be unique in that way, but I will be forever grateful that I wound up in C45 with that instruction team. There was more to learn for me than just JavaScript and C#.”


Ron is ready for his first job in web development! Listen to Ron's podcast to hear about his NSS experience and full-stack capstone project. Connect with Ron on his LinkedIn page

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