Meaningful Stories through Data Visualization | Graduate Spotlight

May 26, 2021
Jessica Grande
Maggi Vidal of Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 3“Data can be used as a powerful tool to connect people of all walks of life, while resonating something deeply personal within.”

Maggi Vidal of Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 3 describes herself as a “natural born storyteller” and believes that her role as an analyst provides the “unique privilege of presenting meaningful visualizations using data.” 

Some of Maggi’s passions include collaborating on projects with diverse teams, exploring objectives beyond face value, and identifying the link between the bigger picture and niche processes.

What was your favorite part of your NSS experience?

“NSS provides a unique experience: the difference being the people of NSS take what could be a solitary, self-learning experience and transform it into a wealth of memorable connections.”

What advice would you give to current or incoming NSS Data students?

“Your capstone will evolve depending on the data. Start looking for data as soon as an idea strikes you to set yourself up for success and better findings to support a hypothesis.”

Listen to Maggi's podcast to hear about her NSS experience and capstone project. Connect with Maggi on her LinkedIn page

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