Reading Through the Gerrymandered Lines | Graduate Spotlight

Feb 16, 2021
Jessica Grande


Hoang_TanyaTanya Hoang was a Pedal Tavern driver in downtown Nashville when the pandemic hit, leaving many of those employed by the entertainment industry looking for new opportunities. Tanya decided that this was the perfect time to pursue data analytics. “Previous experience as a field campaigner sparked my affinity for data as well as honed my ability to hit the ground running,” she explains. “Data drove the decisions the field staff made.” 

Exploring her options to learn analytics, Tanya discovered Nashville Software School (NSS)’s Full-time Data Analytics Bootcamp. “I learned about their learning structure and loved the use of immersive learning for technical skills,” she recalls. 


As a part of Full-time Data Analytics Cohort 2, Tanya enjoyed collaborating with others and discovering her love of SQL. Her biggest challenge was learning to troubleshoot coding queries. To overcome challenges like this, she encourages students to admit when they don’t know the answer or solution. Asking questions to your peers and instructors is a part of the learning process. 

Insanity checks aren't just for code.


Tanya’s capstone project was inspired by her experience as a political field campaigner. “I encountered many voters who felt like their ballot didn't make any difference,” she explains. Reading Between the Gerrymandered Lines allows voters to see what demographic factors give them more or less value within their congressional districts and where their votes counts through an interactive dashboard that she created using Python and Tableau. 


Since graduating, Tanya is looking for datasets to use in personal side-projects while also keeping her skills fresh with DataCamp. 

With strong communication skills and experience in customer service, I am well adept to solving complex problems in fast-paced environments. People inspired, data driven. 

To learn more about Tanya, visit her LinkedIn profile or listen to her podcast

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