Being Team Player | Graduate Spotlight

Nov 16, 2020
Jessica Grande


David Bruce of Web Development Cohort 41

David Bruce became interested in application development during his time as a HL7 Interface Engineer for a LIMS SaaS provider in Nashville. Ready to update his skill set, David looked into the C# full stack bootcamp at Nashville Software School (NSS), which was recommended by his colleagues.


The team-oriented environment of NSS is something that David shares he really appreciated about his time in Web Development Cohort 41. “I hope to find an employer where they use that same kind of team management.” 

Even with all his experience as an Interface Engineer, David shares that he still encountered roadblocks along the way. “It's all part of learning,” he laughs. “But all I had to do was reach out when needed, whether it be to other students, the instructors, or the internet.” 

Don't be afraid to reach out [and ask for help.] That's part of being a team player.


CovidDining is David’s front-end capstone project he created for his family to find local food establishments that safely offer takeout, drive-through, outdoor dining, or delivery. “It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek,” he laughs. “No one really wants to think about COVID-19 when they are going out to a restaurant.” The application also allows you to save comments about each establishment, such as whether or not the employees use Personal Protective Equipment. David created CovidDining using a TripAdvisor API and React.js. 

For his back-end project, David took a page from his LiveJournal days and created a social media application for writers named Scribere, after the Latin infinitive verb “to write.”. “I thought it would be nice to create an app just for writers,” he shares. Scribere allows writers to upload their writing pieces to the application, share articles with other writers, and comment on other writers’ works. “[Scribere] used all the skills that we [learned], from the React.js front-end using hooks and useContext, to the ASP.NET Core back-end using API Controllers with C# and a SQL Server Express database,” he explains. 


Since graduating, David says that his free time has “only just begun.” 

“I'm transitioning from school to an opportunity scoping mindset, maintaining a positive attitude for the future, and preparing a regular routine to follow to keep my skills sharp with projects and other learning goals,” he shares.

As he searches for a team that is looking to fill their “David-shaped hole,” he is focused on finding a full stack, team-oriented environment in either healthcare or at a nonprofit. 

Learn more about David by visiting his website or listening to his podcast

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