Believe in Yourself | Graduate Spotlight

Nov 11, 2020
Jessica Grande


Amanda King of Web Development Cohort 41

After being let go from her previous position in Technical Sales, Amanda King decided that it was time to figure out what she truly wanted to do for a career change. That’s when she took the Web Development Jumpstart course after her friends recommended Nashville Software School (NSS). “[I] couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed coding,” Amanda recalls. “I really loved the creativity.”

“We’ve always been supportive of NSS’s mission, and once I made the decision to be a developer—there was no other choice, really.”



“NSS is a great place to really try things,” Amanda shares about the support she felt during her time in Web Development Cohort 41. “There’s a support system here at NSS that is magical that you don’t have anywhere else.” 

When asked if she encountered any difficult moments during her 6 month journey through full-time bootcamp, Amanda said it was nothing she couldn’t handle with the support of her NSS Community. “There’s always going to be roadblocks when you’re learning something completely new and foreign, but NSS gives you the tools to move past them.” 

Make the leap and believe in yourself.



For her front-end capstone, Amanda drew inspiration from her granny’s way of cooking. “I wanted to modernize the way I used to cook with my Granny,” she shares. “She could edit recipes on the fly.” Amanda built Granny’s Recipe Box, an application that lets you upload recipes and edit them immediately. Granny’s Recipe Box was created with Tesseract’s OCR service and React. 

Amanda’s back-end capstone project, BestReads, allows users to keep track of the books they’ve read and get recommendations from others on the app. Users can sort their books into lists by what they want to read, books they have read, and books they are currently reading. Once a user finishes a book, they can then add it into their “finished” list and leave a review which can be shared with others on the app. Amanda created BestReads using the Google Library API, SQL Express, C# using ASP.NET, and React.  


Since graduating, Amanda has begun making improvements to BestReads and has plans to make her front-end capstone into a full stack application.

“As I start a new career in software development, I love seeing all the ways I will still be able to help organizations grow through solutions I create,” she shares. “I'm so excited to see what kind of changes I can make with a future in software development.”

Learn more about Amanda by visiting her website or listening to her podcast!

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