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Mar 25, 2020
Jessica Grande



Growing up, Sean Davis was always the “tech person,” of the family. He always knew he wanted to work with technology, but didn’t know to what extent. “I didn't think it would be software development, though,” he explains. 

Before starting his journey in web development at Nashville Software School (NSS), Sean was working various warehouse jobs. He describes being “very interested in many things,” but after discovering a passion for web development, he says “programming has my full attention.” 

NSS Experience

Originally, Sean was heavily interested in video game development, but as he started working on his projects at NSS, his passion for web development grew. “I became a developer because of the creativity, troubleshooting, and capabilities that you can do with development.” he shares.

As a part of cohort Evening 9, Sean was nervous to learn the new technologies introduced to him in class. But after a time, he came to view them as rewarding challenges. His mindset had to shift in order to grow as a programmer. "Unfamiliar territory can make you nervous, but you can't grow without healthy risks."

What makes a good developer is practice. Writing code, breaking code (in a branch, of course), and fixing the bugs. The final product becomes your baby. You write it well and keep it updated. Put your heart into your code.”

Capstone Projects

Sean, being an avid hat collector, owns 92 snapback hats. To keep track of his ever growing hat collection, he created CAPstone for his front-end project. This app allows hat lovers to keep track of their hat collection while other users can like and comment on your collection. He used React.js, JavaScript, and Firebase for the database. 

Pet-tential, Sean’s back-end capstone, is a social network for people to create profiles for their pets. If you’ve ever wondered what animals are thinking about, Pet-tential is a fun, imaginative app that allows you to express your pets thoughts and feelings. He built Pet-tential using React.js, JavaScript C#/.NET, SQL, and Dapper. Users can express their pet’s feelings and daily activities through their own social profiles as they interact with other pet accounts.

Sean describes his final capstone project as “pretty difficult,” but he’s proud of not choosing an “easy” project. “Looking at it now, maybe I should have just chosen to do a collection app or something like that,” he explains.  “But I like that since I chose a social networking app, it challenged me, pushed me and pushed my learning curve even farther.” 

Hire Sean!

Sean is looking for full stack web development opportunities. He enjoys the functionality and design of front-end work and the database creation of back-end work.

Currently, Sean is continuing work on his back-end capstone project, reading books, watching tutorials, and building on his knowledge of C#. 

Learn more about Sean by listening to his podcast or visit his website

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