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Mar 19, 2020
Jessica Grande



As a sales associate at a pharmacy, Web Development Cohort Evening 9 graduate Lwam Tekie was always curious about how the website she used at her job worked.  Having never touched a piece of code, her curiosity led to conversations with Nashville Software School (NSS) alumni who inspired her journey into the world of web development. “I talked to NSS alumni who had nothing but great things to share about their learning experience,” she shares. 

NSS Experience

Lwam quickly realized that NSS was unlike any traditional schooling she has experienced in the past, providing her with new challenges to overcome, including a busy schedule with class two evenings a week and Saturdays, plus a weekly study group. Even still, Lwam says confidently in her podcast, “when I see how far I’ve come, I would do [this bootcamp] over and over again.” You can listen to her full podcast here

What I love about web development is the challenge of forming ideas and turning them into a reality.”

Capstone Projects

The food of her home country of Eritrea inspired Lwam’s front-end capstone project. “I wanted to [create] this app because I couldn't find an app with Eritrean recipes,” she explains. She built the app using JavaScript, React.js, and Firebase authentication for user logins. Users of the app can create, edit, and save recipes to their account page. They can also rate the recipe using the in app star ratings.  You can experience her app here.

Beautiful Mess is Lwam’s back-end capstone project. This app allows users to share home decor ideas by taking pictures of their favorite products and sharing blogs about them. Users can also search by product category, comment, rate, and save their favorite products within the app. The application is built with React.js, Vanilla JavaScript, SQL, and C#. “I wanted to do this app because I was always interested in home decoration. I like putting things together and seeing how they work out.”  

Hire Lwam!

Lwam is looking for an opportunity that will allow her to continue using her skills in full stack development, particularly in C# and SQL. She is continuing to build on her knowledge of C# and SQL by researching, reading and practicing her skills in web development. 

You can learn more about Lwam by listening to her podcast or visiting her website. 

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