What does "online first" mean?

[updated 5.11.22]

People have been asking for two years when we would start offering classes in person again and our answer has been some variation of “we’re not sure”. Well, we now know a definitive answer to that question. 

NSS is now online first for all of our classes. “Online first” simply means that the default assumption for any class we offer is that it will be offered via live online instruction as we have been doing since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Yes, you read that right, we have no plans to return to in-person instruction. Could that change someday, possibly? It could change in the sense that we might offer occasional classes in person in the future. But the default mode of class delivery at NSS is now and will continue to be, live online (i.e. synchronous online). You can learn more about this decision and what we're still exploring in this blog post.

Remote learning at NSS works

Our graduates are finding jobs!

We’ve proven that remote learning at NSS works, as measured by student skill assessments and graduate placement rates. The most recent stats from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission reveal a placement rate of 87.9% for students across all programs that graduated between July 2020 and June 2021, during the worst of the COVID job market. When you adjust the time frame to allow all graduates at least a six-month job search, that number is even higher!

Also, the live online environment is actually training our students for the actual work environment that most of our graduates are being hired to work in. Our last survey of graduates found that over 90% were hired into a job where they are working either completely remote or are remote several days a week - they are telling us that our current training environment is preparing them for the work environment they are finding on the job. (Check out our latest blog post to learn more about our remote learning experience.)

Now is a great time to start a career in tech in Nashville! Nashville’s tech community is growing every day and the number of new jobs available is growing with it.

What’s Nashville Software School’s online program like?

We have brought our complete in-person experience into a synchronous online learning environment. We recently spoke with our instructors and alumni to get the inside scoop on real-time interactions in NSS’s virtual classrooms. Hear what they had to say in this blog post.

Here are some other aspects of remote learning at NSS:

  • All of our courses are synchronous, instructor-led, and project-based. Students are expected to meet via Zoom, our virtual classroom, during class hours. Students have the same hours of contact with instructors as they have in the in-person version of our programs.
  • Our ratio of 8-10 students per instructor remains the same.
  • Our Career Development team has adapted their events and made them virtual. You’ll get the same support in preparation for your job search as you would have if we were in person. In fact, many of our events have been more effective online than in person. Plus, our team will continue to work with you until you land your first tech job.
Other questions?

If you have questions about our career launch programs, introductory classes, or our virtual learning environment, we encourage you to attend one of our monthly Info Sessions. Many of your questions will be answered and you’ll also have the chance to get answers to your questions from our staff and an alumni representative. 

If you have questions about your specific situation, please contact us here or via email.

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