Redesigning the Front-end Web Designer/Developer Bootcamp

Jul 19, 2022
John Wark

Version 2 of the program expands opportunities

Sometimes bad news is a catalyst for rethinking and innovation. That has certainly been the case recently here at NSS. We had to cancel our planned August full-time section of the Front-end Designer/Developer Bootcamp when our design instructor decided to return to an industry role. We hated losing such a good, long-term instructor, but it triggered rethinking that will ultimately allow us to address constraints that had existed for the program. 

Our Front-end Web Designer/Developer Bootcamp (hereafter FEWDDB) has been offered once a year for the past four years. It was available only as a six month, full-time bundle with three months of front-end development training followed by three months of UI/UX training. The last two cohorts consisted of about ⅓ of students in the FEWDDB program and ⅔ in our full-stack web development bootcamp, where everyone shared the first 3 months of front-end development and then the two groups split into separate sections for their respective last 3 months of training. This packaging worked fine, but it severely limited the number of students we could serve in a year and it was imperfect from a staffing perspective as we only needed the UI/UX skill set of our instructor for 3 months out of the year. 

Given the chance to rethink the entire design of the FEWDDB program, we have found a way to offer both part-time and full-time students this program as well potentially triple the number of students we can accommodate in the program in any given year. The revised program still consists of two classes: our Front-end Development Foundations course followed by our UI & UX for Digital Product Design course. However, we are changing the manner in which we will deliver those courses. 

You can take the Front-end Development Foundations course as either a three month, full-time day course or as a six month, part-time evening/Saturday course. 

In either case, Front-end Development Foundations is taken as the first course in the Front-end Designer/Developer program. Full-time classes are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Part-time classes are Monday and Tuesday evenings, 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. In the part-time program, a mandatory study group will occur on an additional day of the week; the day is determined based on study group members’ availability.

The second course, UI & UX for Digital Product Design will only be available as an evening part-time class. The UI & UX for Digital Product Design class is offered Monday evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and consists of 14 weeks of classes plus lab time as well as two weeks of capstone project lab time.

Based on combining the above, the Front-end Web Designer/Developer Bootcamp can be taken as an evening part-time program spread across 11 months or as a hybrid program with three months of full-time day class and five months of part-time evening class. 

Having said all of that as background, we will soon be opening two options on the website for applications - one hybrid and one all part-time (additional options for 2023 will be forthcoming during the next 3 months):

  1. Option 1: Hybrid Front-end Web Designer/Developer Bootcamp - you will attend the following two courses: Front-End Web Development Foundations (full-time C60), September 26, 2022, to January 3, 2023, and UI & UX for Digital Product Design (part-time), January 16 to May 15, 2023 (exact dates TBD).
  2. Option 2: Part-time Front-end Web Designer/Developer Bootcamp - you will attend the following two courses: Front-End Web Development Foundations (part-time E21), January 3, 2023, to June 2x, 2023 and UI & UX for Digital Product Design, August 14 to December 11, 2023 (exact dates TBD).

All tuition plans and financing options are unchanged from the original program as currently described on our website

We are currently working on the revised program definition that must be submitted to the higher education commission for approval before we can offer the program. We expect that work to be completed quickly and for us to be able to open up the new FEWDDB options for admission by August. Watch our website and this blog for more news in the near future. 

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